Five Things To Do To Keep Active When Pregnant

Are you normally an active person, but now that you are expecting a baby you are having a difficult time staying active? If so, I know what it is like – because I felt the same way too!

Learning that I was pregnant was wonderful news for my husband and me. I was determined to maintain my healthy lifestyle during the pregnancy – I was going to eat healthy and be as active as I was for as long as I could until the baby was born. Now, I have always enjoyed being active – my husband and I camped and canoed regularly. I entered 10 km road races on a regular basis and we have a pool so I wanted to continue to swim.

Well, a couple of the months of the pregnancy went by and I was doing great – running a couple of times a week – and then I was gaining weight and my level of commitment was reducing daily. It became simpler to go to work and come home and relax – and to forgo any form of working out. I started to get a bit frustrated with my lack of physical activity so I decided to make it a personal focal point for myself to get back to being active again.

I have listed five strategies that I used to kick-start me into being active while pregnant with our first child…

1. Start early. You may find that you are tired through the first part of your pregnancy. Try and continue to be active during this time, so that when the second trimester begins and you are not as tired, you are able to continue being active.

2. There is something magical about verbalizing your commitment to someone else. Tell your spouse of your choice to be active while you are expecting. Tell your friends, tell your mom and your dad. They may or may not workout with you – but they will also be able to `cheer you on` as you take care of yourself and your baby as the months pass by.

3. Enlist a friend or family member to be your workout partner. Many of us have people in our lives that have similar interests as you do when it comes to being physically fit. In my case my father became my exercise partner. He has been a jogger for the better part of his life (he`s not fast but he can maintain a good pace). He would come to my house a few days a week and we would go for a 5 kilometer run through the neighbourhood. It really helped that we set three times each week to run together. Having the exercise dates set in my calendar made it so much easier to stay active.

4. Set goals. Losing weight should not be a goal you set for yourself in pregnancy, because weight gain is healthy and very important for you and the baby’s well being. Instead set goals like: participate in a road race, participate in a fundraiser that involves being active (like a walk-a-thon), or be active 3 times a week, for at least 30 minutes each time. This will help keep you motivated to keep going, even on those days you would rather have a nap.

5. Mix it up. Maybe today you will swim some laps at the local YMCA; and then tomorrow you will take a brisk 30 minute walk through the neighbourhood; and maybe later in the week take an hour-long bicycle ride. Try different things – they are all beneficial and it reduces the boredom of doing the same activity over and over again.

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