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At The Baby Cottage, we're parents too, and we know that raising kids is anything but easy. That's why we created this site. We want to share what we've learned about parenting with every family that we meet. We're excited to be connecting with our online audience here.

This is our space for sharing a wealth of ideas, experiences, and much more. You can find tips and advice whether you're looking for the best way to make baby food at home, or you need reviews on the safest stroller on the market. In addition to being informative, we also want this forum to be a fun place for every visitor. Look through our videos, and take a break to enjoy what you see.

We also know that there are a ton of baby products out there that are designed to make your life easier. The hard part is knowing which ones are best. So, we feature some of our favorite items, and you can find out more about them with detailed information and customer reviews. We strive for every parent to find something useful here at The Baby Cottage.